An Architecture school journey is full of interesting out of the box learning and every day we discover new sets of ideas coming from different parts of the world. These new topics inspire us to explore them further in detail and we are so curious to research about the idea, technology and concept in-depth. It helps us to increase our knowledge spectrum and widen the horizon. The BIM technology, you might be aware of it, or just a small gist about the rising demand for knowledgeable candidates with BIM knowledge and experience. So we would like to introduce to the camp.Rep program where you could become the BIM leader for your campus.

camp.Rep Program Details 

The Official Campus Representative Program by discover BIM 

discover BIM introduces to you, the camp.Rep program. Through this program, you will be able to become the BIM leader of your college. 

Campus Representative: A student representative appointed by discover BIM, responsible to promote BIM know-how and inspire the student community to learn, practice and embrace BIM using Archicad by performing a set of given tasks and getting interests, be Ambassadors for Future of Architecture practice. 

Spread the word about BIM in your college and get irresistible rewards, goodies worth Rs. 25,000. As well as professional learning experiences all at the comfort of your home! 

Sounds fun? Check out more details about how to go out this. 

Why should you Apply? 

  • Free access to Archicad Essential Training worth ₹ 25,000/- 
  • discover BIM Goodies worth ₹ 5,000/- 
  • Free entry to all our corporate events including Design Perspective, FOAID and Archicad Launch/User group meet and an opportunity to network with 100+ professionals. (Travel to cities will be covered train ticket in AC 3 tier).  
  • Yearly 2 free sessions about personality development and public speaking. 
  • Input for portfolio making and self-branding from industry experts. 
  • Your work will be published on our platforms and you will get the opportunity to showcase your work to thousands of architects and interior designers online. 
  • Opportunity to apply directly at Archicad user offices through DIMENSION PLUS*. 
  • Opportunity to get BIM Manager Training worth ₹ 1,50,000/- for FREE when 50 students enroll for Archicad Essential Training course on discover BIM through you**. 

* selection criteria and process are sole jurisdiction of the architecture practice
** BIM Manager Training can be enrolled only upon completion of Graduation

What will you do? 

  • Help us get audience for our monthly webinar/seminar with minimum 5 participants.  
  • Convince college IT dept to download and install FREE Archicad Lab Licenses.  
  • Arrange DIMENSION PLUS Education Manager meeting with college principal and influencer faculty, 
  • Inspire students to participate in BIMāstrā annual competition by discover BIM, using Archicad for their projects  
  • Help discover BIM to shortlist 5 beneficiaries of goodies bag for your Institute every quarter,  
  • Attend monthly meetings (online/offline) with Strategic Decision group of DIMENSION PLUS and give input for further development of camp.Rep program. 
  • Be active on social media about discover BIM activities and re-sharing of posts

Who can apply? 

  • A student of COA Recognized Institute of Architecture
  • A Student with a valid and active Archicad Student License 
  • 2nd Year or above student. 
  • The candidate should clear personal interview with discover BIM
  • The student should have active social media profiles with more than 400 followers

Points of mutual understanding 
  • Dimension Plus will review your performance every month and your rewards will be dispatched after your report (submitted by you) is reviewed from our side 
  • camp.Rep should be ready to work and finish all the tasks for at least a year if the tenure is not extended with mutual consent. 
  • You will get badge for completing each t威而鋼 ask and your reward for your task will be delivered to you after students enroll for the training. Please note that the reward you will get for each task will be assigned as per your performance.  

Good Luck! 

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