Twinmotion 2021.1 is here!

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Twinmotion 2021.1 introduces a slew of new features for generating, developing, and presenting visualizations, solidifying its position as an integral part of the whole archviz pipeline, from idea to enhanced photorealistic experience, and as a fully integrated part of the Epic Games ecosystem. In addition, we continue to improve current features and procedures in response to customer input with this version.

Key new features

Bridge to Unreal Engine

With a new Unreal Engine plugin that allows you to import Twinmotion projects into the Unreal Editor, you can take your visualizations to the next level. An architect can communicate preliminary concept ideas in Twinmotion, such as visually indicating the type of materials, lighting, context, and other project elements, and then pass the project on to a visualization specialist for further refinement in Unreal Engine, including accurate lighting and material scenarios, higher-quality visualization outputs, animations, and an interactive model.

The identical project, with assets, materials, layer hierarchy, and lighting, produced in Twinmotion (left) and imported into Unreal Engine (right).
Once in Unreal Engine, you may add additional functionality to your project, such as presenting unique and customizable design alternatives utilising the Variant Manager.

Twinmotion Cloud Early Access.

With Early Access to the new Twinmotion Cloud service, you can share your projects with any stakeholder, wherever in the globe. Users can view and interact with a Presenter file running on a high-end GPU in the cloud with just a basic Windows or macOS desktop computer and a web browser, making the service ideal for sharing work for review with clients in remote locations, or with colleagues during the current work-from-home climate.

Note that this functionality is being brought out in stages and is now only available to full commercial licensees; however, we expect to make it available to all users in the future.

Megascans in Twinmotion library.

For simple browsing and access right within your Twinmotion projects, we’ve integrated the Quixel Megascans 3D Assets and Surface categories into the Twinmotion asset catalog. The 3D Assets section has thousand犀利士 s of high-quality items in categories such as buildings, food, industrial, and nature, while the Surfaces section contains a large selection of high-fidelity materials ranging from bark to bricks and marble to metal. Assets are kept on the cloud until they are needed, decreasing the amount of space required on-site.

Other new features.

Datasmith Direct Link

We’ve added support for Datasmith Direct Link, which is being developed to allow simultaneous connections between many sources and destinations. With Direct Link updates, you can aggregate multiple Revit files representing different stages or aspects of the project—such as landscape plans, urban context, facades, and interiors—in this release. In future releases, you will be able to aggregate files from different sources, such as Revit and Rhino, while maintaining Direct Link functionality with each.

New trees, humans, and workout furniture assets

We’ve introduced 140 new assets to the Twinmotion asset collection, including 20 new Japanese and American trees, 60 furniture components for populating gyms and street workout areas, and 60 new ready-posed individuals, allowing you to instantly contextualize and give life to your projects.

Lighting enhancements

The default and minimum/maximum intensity of numerous lighting elements, such as the Sun, Moon, Artificial lights, Particles, Vehicle neons, Street lights, and Emissive materials, have all been tweaked. We’ve also tweaked the Auto-exposure and Bloom settings, as well as the day-to-night transition.

Nonrealistic rendering styles

To focus on specific aspects of the design, such as lighting or form, or to represent a more technical hand-drawn style, quickly and easily switch between different nonrealistic rendering styles—hidden line, hidden line shaded, wood model, metal model, white model (clay render), and default material. In both full-screen and Presenter mode, the new menu is visible.

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