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Building on your palm



BIM on the Go

BIMx lets you communicate between Construction Site and Design Studio within a project file. The most popular and 6 time award winning mobile app for the Design and Build industry helping companies saving paper for communication and on-site execution. The BIM Hyper-Model innovation is as easy as playing a video game on your phone/pad and lets you explore your building on your palms.

BIMx for Presentation

Export your Archicad to BIMx and let your client have a look at your work. Nothing can be more exciting for a client than seeing his dream project on a mobile device like playing a video game – in First person mode. Moreover, you don’t have to define path for walkthrough or render your model for hours before client presentation. 

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BIMx for Coordination

Use BIMx to communicate your designs on construction site. BIM Hyper-Model technology have capacity to save paper for construction process. It allows all stake holders to see one model with all documentation and communicate with design team (Using BIMCloud) from site about questions and issues.

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BIMx for Visualisation

BIMx on Android and iOs mobile lets you use Google Cardboard viewer and visualise your designs in VR mode. Take an informed decision about your space, scale and details before you actually built it. With BIMx in Cardboard viewing mode its easier than ever to walk through your designs and feel the spaces.

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BIMx for Discussions

Use BIMx web-viewer or desktop viewer to run your internal design discussions in your conference room. The Web-viewer for BIMx lets you share the link with your clients or external consultants, Archicad SSA users can also embed BIMx Web Viewer in their websites and demonstrate their designs for website visitors.

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Available on Devices 

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Technical Specs

See the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for BIMx.

BIMx Mobile apps

BIMx Mobile apps Recommended configuration Minimum Hardware
Operating System iOS 12+
Android 8.0+
Devices Recent high-end devices Mid-range devices with Gyroscope
Apple Android
iPad Pro Samsung Galaxy S8 or newer
iPhone 7 or newer Huawei P20 or newer
VR Cardboard compatibility Gyroscope and/or Magnetometer is required for using Google Chrome Cardboard VR function

BIMx Web Viewer

BIMx Web Viewer Recomended Minimum Hardware Requirements
Web browser Windows Chrome, Edge, Firefox Web Browser
macOS Safari, Chrome
iOS Safari, Chrome
Android Chrome
Chrome OS Chrome
Required hardware Keyboard and mouse or a device equipped with touchscreen
Optional hardware Microsoft Xbox compatible game controller

BIMx Desktop Viewer

BIMx Desktop Viewer Recommended Minimum Hardware Requirements
CPU Intel Core i5
AMD Ryzen 5
32-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
Memory 8+GB RAM
Graphics card 1+ GB
OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card
OpenGL compatible graphics card
Display resolution FHD+ (1920×1080) 1024 x 768
Disk SSD
2+ GB of free space
Operating System WIndows 10 64-bit
macOS 10.15
Windows 10
maxOS 10.14


What is BIMx?

BIMx is a viewing app for all your drawings and 3D modelled using Archicad.

How do I export a BIMx file?

You can only do it from Archicad model file, you will get the option for Publish to BIMx hyper model.

Is BIMx paid?

BIMx is a free application available on App store and Play store. However, the PRO version lets you do more communication using your mobile.

What all can I do with BIMx?

You get to view your full 3D model in BIMx along with your drawings. You can navigate through your 3D model and can even measure elements if you want.

Can I export a BIMx file from any software?

BIMx file is exported from Archicad only.

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