DIMENSION PLUS BIM Training: Empowering Your Team for Success 

In the rapidly advancing realm of Building Information Modeling (BIM), knowledge is the cornerstone of success. Welcome to DIMENSION PLUS BIM Training, where we empower your team with the skills and proficiency needed to harness the full potential of BIM tools. Our comprehensive training programs are crafted to not only enhance technical expertise but also foster a deep understanding of the strategic application of BIM in your projects.

Key Features of



Tailored Programs

Our BIM training programs are customised to suit the unique needs and goals of your team, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in every session.

From Basics to Advanced

Whether your team is new to BIM or seeking advanced techniques, our BIM training covers a spectrum of topics to cater to all skill levels.

Real-world Application

Gain practical insights into the application of BIM in real-world projects, allowing your team to translate knowledge into actionable strategies.

Continuous Learning

Stay ahead of industry trends with BIM training programs that evolve to incorporate the latest features and advancements in BIM technology.

Training Modules Offered

Fundamentals of BIM

Lay the groundwork with a comprehensive understanding of BIM principles, terminology, and basic functionalities.

BIM Software Proficiency

Dive into the specifics of leading BIM software, mastering tools and features for efficient project execution.

Collaborative Workflows

Explore strategies for seamless collaboration among different stakeholders, fostering effective communication and coordination.

Advanced BIM Techniques

Elevate your team’s expertise with advanced techniques and strategies to optimise BIM workflows for complex projects.

Benefits of


Enhanced Productivity

Equip your team with the skills to navigate BIM tools efficiently, reducing project timelines and enhancing overall productivity.

Knowledge Retention

Foster a deep understanding of BIM principles, ensuring that your team retains and applies knowledge effectively in their daily workflows.

Strategic Implementation

Empower your team to strategically apply BIM in project planning, execution, and collaboration for maximum impact.

Why Choose


Expert Instructors

Learn from seasoned professionals with hands-on experience in BIM implementation across diverse projects.

Flexible Training Formats

Choose from on-site, remote, or customised training sessions to suit the preferences and convenience of your team

Ongoing Support

Access support beyond training sessions, ensuring that your team has a reliable partner throughout their BIM learning journey.

Empower your team to unlock the full potential of BIM with DIMENSION PLUS BIM Training. Explore a world where knowledge transforms into actionable strategies for project success.

DIMENSION PLUS Solace is special BIM service package to support architects and interior designers on their journey.

Our Support package designed for all our clients’ mental peace while working with our products. We aim at securing your investments with our Solace Program.

DIMENSION PLUS Solace is special BIM service package to support architects and interior designers on their journey.

We have been teaching BIM since 2008 and have repackaged and rebranded the same to suite to current skill needs. 15 years of knowledge with post covid learning environment.

DIMENSION PLUS Solace is special BIM service package to support architects and interior designers on their journey.

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