Shaping Excellence in BIM Services

Explore a world of innovation and precision with BIM Services at DIMENSION PLUS, where we redefine the landscape of Building Information Modeling (BIM) solutions. As a dynamic BIM consultancy, software, and service distributor based in the bustling city of Mumbai, our commitment is to transform your project visions into extraordinary realities.

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BIM Implementation

Explore the future of project management with our BIM Implementation

Our BIM Implementation service is a strategic approach to integrating BIM into your workflows seamlessly.

From meticulous planning to tailored training, we ensure that the implementation is not just a transition but a catalyst for increased Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Enhanced Collaboration.


Reliable Support Every Step of the Way

Our DIMENSION PLUS Support service is your lifeline in the world of BIM. Whether you encounter challenges, require technical assistance, or seek guidance, our support team is dedicated to ensuring your projects run smoothly.

Choose confidence, choose DIMENSION PLUS Support.

BIM Training

Empower Your Team with DIMENSION PLUS BIM Training

Our BIM Training service is designed to empower your team with the skills and proficiency needed to navigate and leverage BIM tools effectively.

From basic principles to advanced techniques, we tailor our training programs to meet the unique needs of your team, ensuring a smooth transition to BIM.

Archicad Template

Efficiency Redefined: Archicad Templates by DIMENSION PLUS

Stay ahead of the curve with our Archicad Template service. Our meticulously crafted templates ensure consistency, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards in your Archicad projects.

Simplify your design processes, reduce errors, and elevate your projects with our customised Archicad Templates.

Pilot Project

Test, Learn, Succeed: The DIMENSION PLUS Pilot Project Approach

Embark on your BIM journey with confidence through our Pilot Project service. This strategic initiative allows you to test the waters, identify challenges, and refine your BIM strategy on a smaller scale before full-scale implementation.
Benefit from our expertise and set the stage for a successful and smooth transition to BIM.

BIM Audit

Optimise Your BIM Processes: Choose DIMENSION PLUS BIM Audit

Ensure the health and efficiency of your BIM workflows with our BIM Audit service.
Our experts conduct a comprehensive assessment of your existing processes, identifying areas for improvement, and providing actionable insights. Optimise your BIM implementation for maximum efficiency and precision with DIMENSION PLUS BIM Audit.

BIM Modelling

Precision in Every Detail: BIM Modelling by DIMENSION PLUS

Elevate your project visualisation and coordination with our BIM Modelling service.

Our skilled professionals bring your designs to life in a virtual environment, ensuring accuracy, clash detection, and seamless collaboration.

Experience the power of detailed and comprehensive BIM models that lay the foundation for successful project execution.

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