Archicad Solo logo image is to serve as a visual representation of the Archicad Solo brand. It aims to communicate the identity and essence of the software, which is a standalone version of Archicad tailored for individual users or small teams. The logo's design, with its modern and professional appearance, aims to convey reliability, efficiency, and innovation in building information modeling (BIM) software. It serves as a recognizable symbol that users can associate with Archicad Solo and its features, helping to establish brand recognition and trust among architects, designers, and other industry professionals.

Archicad Solo: Your Solution for Streamlined BIM Design

Are you an individual architect or part of a small team seeking powerful yet accessible building information modeling (BIM) software?
Look no further than Archicad Solo. Engineered to meet the unique needs of solo practitioners and small firms, it empowers you to bring your architectural visions to life with ease and efficiency.

Archicad Solo Compared to Archicad full version

It has some functional limitations, compared to the full version of Archicad.
The following functions are NOT available in Archicad Solo:

  • Teamwork and BIMcloud compatibility;
  • Hotlink capabilities (single and multistorey hotlinks, IFC, RVT, Rhino models, etc.);
  • Visualisation capabilities (Cineware, Redshift, Twinmotion);
  • Placing views or drawings from external sources;
  • Bluebeam connection;
  • Specific licensing options: no network licenses, no license borrowing

Why Choose Archicad Solo?

  • Tailored for solo architects and small teams
  • Intuitive interface for streamlined design workflows
  • Robust features for every phase of your project
  • Seamless collaboration with clients and collaborators
  • Lightning-fast rendering and optimised performance

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