Plannerly and DIMENSION PLUS: A Bold Step in Revolutionising BIM Management in India

[Mumbai, 4th September, 2023] – A new chapter in Building Information Modeling (BIM) innovation unfolds as Plannerly and DIMENSION PLUS join forces to introduce progressive BIM management solutions to the Indian AEC landscape. 

The impact of BIM technology on architecture, engineering, and construction cannot be overstated. This collaboration leverages Plannerly’s global BIM management expertise and DIMENSION PLUS’s profound understanding of India’s AEC fraternity, promising to reshape the future of BIM Projects.

Plannerly’s advanced BIM platform provides a central hub for seamless collaboration, meticulous data management, and adherence to global BIM standards. Partnering with DIMENSION PLUS, a pioneering force in India, ensures that these solutions are not just advanced, but also tailored to the unique needs of the Indian construction ecosystem.

“We’re excited to extend our reach with DIMENSION PLUS in India,” expressed Clive Jordan, CEO of Plannerly. “Together, we’ll simplify BIM management, drive efficiency, and accelerate the adoption of global standards, contributing to the growth of the whole Architectural & Interior Design Community.”

Shivang Rajvir, Founder of DIMENSION PLUS, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the synergy of the partnership. “By merging our local insights with Plannerly’s advanced technology, we’re poised to elevate BIM practices and unlock the industry’s full potential,” he affirmed.

This partnership is more than just collaboration; it’s a catalyst for change. As the construction industry continues to evolve, this alliance is set to lead the charge in innovation, progress, and sustainable growth.

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About Plannerly:

Plannerly is a global leader in BIM management software, dedicated to streamlining and optimising construction project workflows. With an unwavering focus on collaboration, meticulous data management, and adherence to internationally recognised BIM standards, Plannerly empowers construction professionals to work seamlessly and efficiently across diverse teams and projects.


DIMENSION PLUS, a visionary force in the AEC industry, is driven by a relentless passion for BIM excellence. Through transformative BIM software, services, and unmatched expertise, they are sculpting the future of Indian AEC . Their commitment extends beyond technology – it’s about pioneering possibilities, fuelling innovation, and illuminating the path to success. With every project, they’re shaping more than structures; they’re shaping a legacy of brilliance.

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