Twinmotion is a user-friendly, high quality real-time architectural visualization tool that transforms BIM or CAD models into high quality photos, panoramas, conventional or 360° VR films, and entire client presentations in a matter of seconds. Thanks to the user friendly interface and pictograms, it is extremely easy to learn and use.

Twinmotion 2022.1 Preview 1 has been released by Epic Games with exciting new features, a new demo scene and many more improvements and fixes. The next major upgrade to their Unreal Engine-based real-time visualisation software. Watch the teaser here.

New Features

  • Path Tracer 

Path Tracer rendering is integrated engine to improve the overall fidelity of the rendering generated by Twinmotion. You can choose between Path Tracer or rasterization in the viewport and control the quality of each in the output dock. Integration of a path tracer rendering engine will increase the overall fidelity of the rendering generated by Twinmotion.

威而鋼 ent/uploads/2021/11/Path-Tracer-1024×568.png” alt=”Path tracer of Twinmotion 2022.1 preview” class=”wp-image-243606″/>
  • HDRI Skydome   

HDRI skydomes are integrated to increase the visual realism of images, videos, panoramas, and Presentations in Twinmotion Cloud.

HDRI Skydrome in Twinmotion 2022.1 Preview
  • Point Cloud Support   

 Twinmotion now supports laser-scanned data from popular formats, typically scanned in the context of architectural or industrial applications. 

  • 3D Connexion Mouse Support

3D navigation is more fluid and efficient for all SpaceMouse owners. In addition, the 3Dconnexion device offers seamless switching between different 3D applications, including Unreal Engine.

3D Connexion Mouse Support in Twinmotion 2022.1 Preview
  • Material Substitution Table   

A definable mapping table is integrated for substituting materials using the Datasmith workflow (uDatasmith file or Direct Link). It is fully customizable and enables you to replace source materials with Twinmotion-quality materials (even from the user library) and to define all settings such as scale, color, etc. in the table.

Material Substitution Table in Twinmotion 2022.1 Preview
  • New Quixel assets: Plants and Decals    

Quixel Megascans Plants and Decals categories are now integrated into the Twinmotion asset library.

New Quixel assets : Plants and Decals in Twinmotion 2022.1 Preview
  • New Furniture assets 

Hundreds of new downloadable furniture assets are now available. 

  • New Demo Scene: ‘Lakehouse Retreat’ 

A new demo scene is available, enabling you to explore a range of indoor and outdoor features. 

  • Conversion Status Prompt 

Information prompt panel is displayed when users are about to open a file created with a previous version of Twinmotion.

  • Twinmotion Cloud Improvement

Link sharing & Presentation updating

Share a Presentation by copying its link (and optional password) into any existing communication. Added support for updating Presentations to ensure tha威而鋼 t a Presentation’s link will always provide access to the latest version, so there will be no need to resend a link to stakeholders with each update.

Panorama Sets

Easily share sets of rendered 360 panoramas to give your clients curated, lightweight, and high-fidelity lenses into a project.

Further improvements are done in the Twinmotion UI, the option to select, move, and delete objects in full-screen mode. Central pivot and local axis tool are added for better control of the gizmo on the imported objects and much more. For more information and a complete list of improvements please visit here.

Download the latest release from the Epic Games launcher and try it yourself.

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