Archicad Keeps Getting Better

Archicad’s comprehensive collection of built-in capabilities and simple interface makes it the most efficient and intuitive BIM software on the market to Design, Document, Collaborate, Visualize and delivering projects of all sizes. You can concentrate on what you do best: designing outstanding structures, with Archicad.

Archicad 25 Update 2 is recently released by GRAPHISOFT, the leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software solution for Architects and Interior Designers, in response to actual user needs and setting new market trends with significant improvements introduced with Archicad 25. This update aligns with GRAPHISOFT’s new approach to releasing continuous quality and feature improvements not just every year but throughout the year within version cycles, making viable and easy for existing users to upgrade and benefit from the latest capabilities right away — even mid-project.

What are new updates in the Archicad 25 ?

1. Design

Archicad 25 update 2 - design features

Check for overlapping linear elements

  • Find Partial Overlaps of Linear Elements  
  • Works with walls, columns, beams, lines, polylines  
  • Create Issues from Partial Overlaps 

Key Benefits

  • Better Model Quality​
  • More Accurate Quantity Take-offs

2. Document

Archicad 25 update 2 - documentation

Zone Improvement

  • Show Zones on Section/Elevation​
  • Labels for Zones (auto-text/GDL)

Key Benefits

  • Faster Documentation Workflow​
  • More Data Can be Visualized​
  • No Workarounds

Archicad 25 update 2 - Smarter schedules

Smarter Schedules

  • Merge Cells of Different Values​
  • New Gross Top/Bottom/Side Surface Area General Parameters

Key Benefits

  • Better Control over Schedules​
  • More Information for Clients

3. Collaborate

Archicad 25 update 2 - Collaboration

Survey point improvements 

  • Lock Survey Point​
  • Use Survey Point when hotlinking RVT files​
  • Define IFC model position by switch within the IFC translator (export)

Key Benefits

  • Align and coordinate your projects with other stakeholders faster​
  • Less Coordination Issues

Archicad 25 update 2 - load handling improvements

Load handling improvements 

  • Usability improvements​
  • Streamlined Load management​
  • Display Load elements in Sections/Elevations and layouts

Key Benefits

  • Easier visualization and management of Loads and Load Cases in projects

Archicad 25 update 2 - IFC Export improvement  

IFC Export improvement  

  • IFC improved export of Openings vs Holes and support for Shell holes​
  • Component identification by Building Materials even for composites and complex profiles

Key Benefits

  • SurfaceAchieve better IFC export in less effort and more information

Archicad 25 update 2 - update properties in hot linked modules

Update properties in hotlinked modules 

  • Support for import/export of classification and property data for Hotlink Modules

Key Benefits

  • Easier collaboration with external consultants

4. Visualize

Archicad 25 - visualize

Graphic Override improvement

  • Surface RGB, new Transparency slider​
  • New Model Contour on/off switch for cut/uncut…

Key Benefits

  • Better Control of Your Visualizations​

Archicad 25 - redshift integration

Redshift Integration

  • Extension to the Cineware by Maxon engine​
  • Fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer​
  • Integrated in Archicad as technology preview for GS Forward customers

Key Benefits

  • Blazingly fast, production-quality rendering

So, what are you holding out for? Get your hands on the Archicad 25 update today and experience the future for yourself.

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