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DIMENSION PLUS in association with GRAPHISOFT announces an opportunity for Young Architects to shift on BIM.

Mumbai, Maharashtra

Architecture is one of the fastest growing profession, but do we know that it is one of the slowest profession in Technology Adoption ?

The reason ranges from Redundant Educational Policy to High Technology Cost vs Low Remuneration. DIMENSION PLUS is constantly putting an effort to help Indian AEC Industry adopt technology as fast as rest of the world if not at par with other Professionals. To extend our mission “Give designers a Reliable Technology & They’ll design Incredible Buildings” to Young Architects/Practices, we decided to celebrate this world architecture day as Indian Architecture Month.

The celebrations are aimed at Emp威而鋼 owering Young Architects and young architecture firms of India, we can’t do much with the Education Policies however we can surely take care of costs involved with Technology. 

This Indian Architecture Month we have Archicad Perpetual License at a whooping 30% discount for Young Architecture Practices on India. You just need to meet simple and easy conditions which we feel lot of you will be able to.

  1. Your age must be lower than 40 years. (One of your partner can also meet this condition)
  2. You must be Founder or at least partner in your firm.
  3. You can also opt for these licenses on the name of your team member.
  4. You should be having B. Arch certificate from one of the CoA recognised institutes.

We wish to see young architects leading the tech adoption for our country. In addition犀利士 to financial benefits, we are also offering couple of more Productivity benefits.

  1. You get a FREE India Archicad Template – let Archicad speak your language out of the box with DIMENSION PLUS India Template. (Our certified BIM managers have invested 200 hours for this template)
  2. FREE enrolment to Archicad Essential Skills course (per license) by DIMENSION PLUS.
  3. Dedicated Support through our Support Portal.

If you have any further Question please don’t hesitate to write us to YAP Queries

Be a leader of technology adoption for our industry. Grab the opportunity TODAY.

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