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Pilot Project

Audit of your BIM Process

You have already done a 30 day trial of Archicad but feel you still can’t visualise the benefits of BIM or how to integrate it with your current business processes. Archicad Pilot Project is for you.

Our Pilot project aims at helping you take an informed confident decision regarding Shifting to BIM. This includes training your team on Archicad as well as helping them complete 2 projects of your choice.

Archicad Pilot Project also helps you evaluate who is your in-house BIM Manager candidate and who can be a Archicad model Champaign for your firm. This service is a trailer of BIM Benefits using Archicad with a very minimal risk for you.

You can take a decision to invest in Archicad and implementation after successful completion of Pilot Project or you can chose to finish your BIM journey there (Which is highly unlikely). DIMENSION PLUS offers 90 days of Training, Support and Archicad Licenses for Pilot Project.