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BIM can become a sword without edge (you can just show off – can’t use) if, Quality is not assessed or controlled well. Solibri helps you keep a check on Quality of Building Model and Information, starting from early design phase till Construction and Hand Over.

Use BIM software of your choice – Let Solibri be the Auditor for your BIM.





Combine to Analyse

Human bodies are complex mechanisms, all the systems and processes must come together and work in a coherent manner. 

Buildings are no different. Combine Architecture, MEP, Structure, Acoustic or any other consultants model in one file and visualise the Building the way its going to function on site.

Get Benefits of IFC, Open BIM, and seamless integration into Common Data Environment.

Classify to Enrich

Data management without tagging or naming is like finding a needle from haystack.

Solibri enriches your data by adding automatic classifications and having tags and labels. 

Classifications help you use the Building Information during and after the construction phase. Also, a better classified model means a smoother communication across disciplines.

Check before you Build

Clash detection is a boom for simple designs and services. Have you ever encountered there are complex issues in a building that are not just clashes ?

Solibri can check your model based rules. Rules that are pre-defined and can be modified.

Create a custom rule for your own need or for the need of Statutory approvals, Solibri is known for “Checking” health of building.

Communicate to build better buildings.

Communication is an art. Too much of it creates rippling and too little creates confusion and loss of interest.

Use Solibri Issue manager to highlight and communicate precisely what is needed for the collaboration. 

Share all your communication in a presentation mode via BCF and let the stake holder work on it to achieve the common goal – better buildings.

Solibri Products

Take your BIM anywhere

Solibri Anywhere

Access Quality Information and take an informed decisions. Free for all the stake holders of the project and clients. We advocate openBIM and Solibri Anywhere is extension to our belief, open the file and analyse the Information.

Solibri Office White

Solibri Office

Quality Assurance and Control is at the Forefront for us. Use Solibri Office to check the quality of your model based on Pre-Defined as well as Custom Rules. There is much more in a building that meets the eye through simple clash detection.

Solibri Site White

Solibri Site

Your access to construction quality information on site. You don’t have to find a needle from the haystack, Solibri Site lets you focus on the data and information needed to build the building. Comment on the model on site and let the designer work in Office.

Give everyone a right tool with right access to control and qualify the

BIM data for your project.

Select the Perfect Solibri Match for your needs

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Solibri Anywhere

Solibri Site

Solibri Office

Solibri Enterprise

Viewing models (IFC & SMC)

Viewing, commenting and editing issues

Exchanging issues with BCF Live Connector

Using markups & dimensions

Using classifications

Viewing Solibri Score

Combining multiple IFCs

Creating BCF Live issues

Creating classifications

Taking off quantities & more

Customizing Solibri via Solibri Developer Platform

Checking models

Customizing rules

Using autorun

Updating Solibri Score

Scaling users flexibly

Enhance your Workflows

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Customer Insights

Best Practices and user feedback to boost your confidence. Learn from other users who are already using Solibri and have QA/QC done of their Building Model. 

Customer Projects

Learn from other users projects. Case Studies about the use of Solibri on a project done successfully. Get Inspired to start doing clean BIM today.

Solibri Society

Your gateway to answers for your questions and learning new ways to use Solibri. Meet other Solibri users like you and interact with them, learn from the community.

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