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Södersjukhuset (South Hospital)

Hospitals are one of the most complex buildings in terms of use, special needs and inside equipment. Many aspects of BIM were already among the client’s requirements to ensure the design satisfies the needs of the building users when LINK arkitektur was selected to take on the rebuilding and expansion of Stockholm Southern Hospital (SÖS, Södersjukhuset in Swedish). With their meticulous and patient-focused architecture, the building design received Miljöbyggnad Silver certification.

The project included renovation and extension of existing buildings, demolition of some older buildings and addition of new buildings to the site. In total, the project expanded to 70 000 m2 in 13 buildings with 3000 rooms.

The involvement of a BIM solution in such a project helps clients and the building users to understand what the building will be like, making it easier for them to participate in and contribute to the design process as healthcare providers. The clients’ and users’ contributions benefit the architect, and BIM ensures easier communication on the specification of the building, rooms, arrangements with great visual aid.

BIM offers an opportunity to collect information about the building elements, equipment and furniture into a database and connect this to the building model. With this workflow, architects can have a better understanding of the unique healthcare requirements of each room, then discuss the specifications with the healthcare workers and consultants.

In such a complex project with several architects, consultants and engineers, quality control of the models and drawings is of the utmost importance. LINK has an internal process for this purpose: each building had an appointed Model Manager, who were responsible for the accuracy of the model. Their task was to audit the model inside Archicad, export to the various formats, and do further checking in Solibri. They also had elevated permissions in the projects; for example, they managed the attributes and layers.

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Project name: Södersjukhuset (South Hospital) Location: Stockholm, Sweden Type: Healthcare Cost: SEK 3,4 billion / $400 million Year to be completed: 2019 Size: 70,000 sqm / 753,500 sqft
Architect: LINK arkitekturSoftware used Archicad, BIMeye, Solibri, Velux Daylight Visualizer, Revit, BIMcollab, Bentley, MagiCAD, Vico Office

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