Starting with the concept process, the architects at Enzyme, based in Hong Kong, used Archicad to design a one-of-a-kind residence in Java, Indonesia. According to the architects, using a BIM-based design process yields the best outcomes by allowing better use of time and resources while also being more precise.

Design concept

The Villa Patio project is situated in Bandung, Java, Indonesia, in a residential area. The building lot measu犀利士 res 300 square metres (3,229 square feet) and is adjacent to other lots of similar size on a residential street.

Based on the exterior views, the site is not particularly valuable; the potential lies inside the building’s courtyard, which encloses the outside and filters light into the interior, bringing life to the foliage through a temporal use of the surroundings, and opening a green frame that will develop into a patio home.

The living areas open to an inner green courtyard that provides light and privacy, based on the ‘patio’ or ‘courtyard’ concept. This private garden is the focal point of the house’s design. The ground floor houses the general areas and facilities, while the first floor houses the private rooms.

By sharing a small-scale project, we wanted to give a practical example of how to implement BIM from the very beginning of a project. Many architects still don’t see the benefits of using BIM in the early concept design phase. For us, and for our clients, the workflow and the results have been a complete success
Eugenio Fontán Yanes, Design Director & Partner, enzyme apd

Villa Patio model

The project was created with Indonesian technological specifications and construction methods in mind. The majority of small structures are made of brick and concrete, with some render finishes. Wood and bamboo are also commonly used, and the combination of these materials is a matter of personal choice.

In the case of the Villa Patio, the client was very specific about the use of concrete, stone, and render as the primary building materials. From the beginning of the concept design process, the client articulated a desire for a “easy clean room” and a “versatile family home.”

Teamwork focus yields results

Villa Patio model

Three architects made up the entire team, all of whom had considerable experience designing projects in BIM. The BIM model and all documents were created in Archicad using Teamwork to function in the same file.

The Senior Architect was in charge of designing the design concept from the start, working with the rest of the team to create the BIM model, and creating a brochure with all of the client’s deliverables. The Senior Architect made a three-week full-time commitment to the project.

During the construction of the model, the BIM Manager Architect was involved in the concept design and was in charge of creating the documentation. The BIM Manager worked part-time during the first week and full-time during the second and third weeks.

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Project name: Villa Patio Location: Bandung, Java, Indonesia Type: Residential Cost: USD 245.000 Year to be completed: Fall 2017 Size: 300 sqm | 3,229 sqft Software used:
  • GRAPHISOFT Archicad
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Cinema 4D
Architect: enzyme apd | Jorge Beneitez , Eugenio Fontan, Jorge Gil

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