Life under the Park: AKBANK Academy Recreational Center

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On the eastern outskirts of Istanbul, the Akbank Academy Recreation Center (AARC) is situated on the Akbank ekerpnar Campus. The challenge in developing the Recreation Center was to provide a mixed activity programme that was integrated with the Akbank Academy block and Data Center in order to add engagement and momentum to the current bank headquarters.The activity programme aims to enhance the quality of life of workers on a 2,800-person campus by making office work more appealing. It houses a wide range of events, including sports, entertainment, leisure facilities, and a mini market, that would otherwise be difficult to accommodate in the immediate vicinity.

AKBANK Academy Social Center

The AKBANK Academy Social Center not only meets the social, recreational, and educational needs of its workers by adding green spaces to the campus, but also by being an integral part of it. The new building complex does not attempt to be a typical campus block addition. Rather, it blends its operations into the landscape, increasing the accessibility of green spaces. The bulk of the operations take place underground.

Outdoor sports venues, hobby gardens, and an outdoor amphitheatre are among the park’s over 17,000 m2 of open green space. A conference centre, lecture halls, bazaar, fitness centre, cafeteria, social entertainment areas, and an underground garage for 350 cars are among the indoor areas.A green hill, which is elevated slightly above ground, conceals the fitness centre, conference and exhibition halls, general meeting areas, mini bazaar, and cafeteria. Despite the dense construction definition, every room has access to natural light.

TeCe Architects first worked with Archicad in 1996. TeCe used it mostly for architectural contests for several years, and completed their actual design work in the office using many separate systems – a time-consuming and difficult-to-coordinate setup.They’ve been using Archicad as their primary architectural design and collaboration forum since 2012. They regard Archicad as intelligent software whose “virtual house” simultaneously displays plans, parts, and elevations, producing 3D views and all documentation via a single platform.

TeCe Architects’ size and environment have been strategically influenced by Archicad. TeCe Architects reports that they can be twice as effective as other firms when comparing office size and production.

“Our team members feel very happy and comfortable with the interface of Archicad,” says Principal Architect Cem Ilhan.

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Company name: TeCe Architects Project name: AKBANK Academy Recreational Center Project location: Kocaeli, Turkey Project type: Social Centre Project size: 22.050 sqm Project cost: 9.000.000 $ Structural Engineer: YBT Electrical Engineer: ENKOM Mechanical Engineer: ENAR Infrastructure Engineer: Ekin Project Landscape Design: CEY Peyzaj Lighting Design: LAB1 Service Acoustics Consultancy: MEA Fire Consultancy: Karina Design Graphical Design: İyi Ofis Year of completion: 2019 Software used: Archicad 20-21

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