Itoya | Using BIM for interior design. Taking full advantage of BIM from basic to detailed interior design.

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Ikeda architectural design is led by architect Yoichiro Ikeda. The firm is specialized in façade and interior design, and has vast experience in commercial projects. In 2015, Mr. Ikeda launched a full-scale BIM operation and implemented Archicad. We interviewed Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Yokoyama on their latest renovation project, “Itoya”, one of the largest stationary stores in Japan, and how they applied BIM in the interior design development.

Itoya Stationary store in Japan

Mr. Ikeda clarifies. Since 1904, Itoya has specialised in stationery an日本藤素 d is well-known in Japan. They have two main stores in Ginza, Tokyo’s central business district, and a total of nine stores across the region. The stationary company requested that the interiors of two main stores and another in Yokohama, totaling five floors, be renovated.

The redesign of the Yokohama store coincided with the renewal of the shopping mall in which it was located. Each floor of the stores is dedicated to various types of items, such as a floor dedicated to high-end writing stationery or a floor dedicated to notebooks.

The latest implementation of BIM architecture using Archicad contributed to the project’s progress. Mr. Yokoyama, who used Archicad, says, “If it hadn’t been for Archicad, we could not have finished the project on time.” Walk-throughs or renderings may have been too late for client acceptance for 2DCAD.Furthermore, the client may not have fully comprehended our design proposal at the initial design stage.” Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Yokoyama discussed how BIM was used and helped the interior design firm.

Itoya stationary store designed using BIM

Mr. Ikeda placed BIM design with Archicad as the nucleus of the creative process in the firm, reflecting on the project’s progress.
“We want to use Archicad in all of our workflows, from schematic drawings to detailed drawings,” says the company.Maybe there aren’t many companies that do that, but I don’t think it’s worth it if you don’t go all the way.” Mr. Ikeda claims that BIM offers more than just advantages to overall workflow and client satisfaction. In the future, he claims, architectural design will be based on BIM.

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Ikeda Architecture Established in: 2010 Representative: Yoichiro Ikeda Speciality: Shop design interior Head Office: Yokohama, Japan Software: GRAPHISOFT Archicad, BIMx

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