BIM Technology for Poniente Residential

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The architecture and design studio Maese Luis 24 (ML24) built “Residencial Poniente,” a complex of 166 residential units and complementary areas in Córdoba, Spain. This was the studio’s first practical and real-world use of BIM technology with Archicad.

The architects proposed a complex that has greatly enhanced the environmental quality of this part of樂威壯 the city by being situated in a consolidated urban area and providing several services.

Apart from fulfilling our client’s requirements, our key challenge was to develop a system that suited two very different realities: one based on a current urban environment dominated by cars, with large roads and streets, and the other based on a non-existent reality, one in which we would build a “domestic” and user-friendly identity from scratch, where one could hide犀利士 from the outside world.

Various current BIM software on the market was researched and evaluated for at least a year prior to the completion of this project, with Archicad being chosen for its ease of use and the logic behind its structure.

On the other hand, tools like BIMx, which we use on a daily basis, are truly amazing, as they have aided us in all phases of project design, development, and communication, enhancing both the end result and customer satisfaction.

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ML24 Joaquín Caro Studio

Architect: Joaquín Caro

Project name: Residencial Poniente Where: Córdoba, España Type: Residential Building Area: 19.900 m2 Status: Built Software: Archicad Support:

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