AURA Apart Hotel

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AURA Apart is a hotel project in Odessa, Ukraine, designed by Da Vinchi G犀利士 roup and Vatmanstudio. During the project, the architects had to deal with a beach location, a seismic zone, and difficult terrain, but they overcame these obstacles with the help of Archicad. The project was recently honoured with an award from the European Property Awards.

“Because the building was designed for the seacoast, the design had to understand the climate,” says Vitaly Pravdych of the initial difficulties the designers faced. Furthermore, the site is situated in a 7-point active seismic environment, which imposes some structural constraints. Another distinctive characteristic is the difficult terrain: the hotel is built on a steep incline.”

The main goal of the AURA Apart complex’s design, which began in late 2017, was to create a light façade that would blend in with the picturesque seascape and coast.

Archicad, according to the expert, allows you to fill the model with information and then use that information to determine specifications, draw up documentation, and so on using the automatic construction of façade樂威壯 s, sections, elevations, and details of the project. The entire team of specialists can work on the project at the same time using a single file, significantly reducing the time it takes to complete it.

“There are quite a few architectural software brands on the market,” Sergei Yurets believes, “but the undisputed leaders are Archicad and Revit.” Archicad is the most realistic software product for our business. The modern world is rapidly evolving, and new requirements are constantly emerging. As a result, it’s critical that software developers respond quickly to their requests and fulfil them as much as possible.

Architects’ interest in BIM software, in his opinion, is steadily increasing, and this trend can be seen globally. For example, BIM technology is used primarily by the British government for design orders, and private companies are increasingly embracing BIM design. As a result, one of the requirements for competition is the complete use of Archicad as a BIM platform.

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Company name: Da Vinchi Group, Vatmanstudio Architects: Sergey YuretsSenior Architect,Da Vinchi Group Vitaliy PravdychBIM Manager,Da Vinchi Group Sergey Milconceptual design, Vatmanstudio Project name: AURA Apart Project Location: Odessa, Ukraine Software used: GRAPHISOFT Archicad & BIMX PRO, BIMx lab Rhino + Grasshopper, Revit, Lira Sapphiere 3D, Pix4D, ownCloud

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