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BIM Implementation

Archicad BIM Implementation

BIM is a buzz word these days amongst AEC professionals. The biggest misconception about BIM is revolving around using some software. Well BIM is not about software or tool one uses, it’s a Process. Process to create a digital twin of your building or built form. This process involves lot of psychological and organisational rearrangements.
You have heard a lot about BIM. Your friends have already shifted to BIM with some software. Your competitors are already on BIM and grabbing more projects. You have a project where BIM is mandatory submittal requirement.

If any of the statement is true for you, let our Certified BIM Managers help you Implement BIM. We are the strong advocates of BIM Implementation. We know by experience that Implementing BIM is more important than using some software.

What is your goal for shifting to BIM? What are your current processes? How is your team interconnected and connected to consultants? What are your tight deadline projects? These are the few questions our BIM Managers will ask you before you embark your BIM Journey.