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With over a decade experience, DIMENSION PLUS has designed training courses which can cater to users of all abilities, offering professional, consistent and up-to-date learning experience.

Learning a software from friends and seniors in college is good but has got its limitations when it comes to knowing all the latest Tips & Tricks and professional ways of using a BIM software. Our courses are aimed at making you “employable” by Architects and Interior Designers practicing BIM with Archicad.

We can help you get started with Archicad, as well as get to grips with more advanced features, with courses designed for new, intermediate and more advanced users of Archicad.


“We have been using Archicad since version 9. However, due to lack of a structured training and our inability to invest quality time into researching and updating the developments in Archicad, we were unable to exploit the full potential of the software. We are happy to say that Shivang Rajvir and his team at DIMENSION PLUS are doing a wonderful job of providing the critical consultancy and have helped us rectify many of the incorrect ways within our workflows.”

Vikram Pawar

Studio Architecture Heritage Environment Consultancy (SAHEC)

“Team DIMENSION PLUS’s dynamic approach to Archicad training is not only motivating but also their methodologies are brilliant and innovative. DIMENSION PLUS made the learning curve easy.”

Hiral Nisar


Our Archicad training has been designed to help you learning the core of BIM and actions in Archicad efficiently and effectively, including best practice Archicad workflows, the processes involved in constructing a “Virtual Building” model to creating drawing output and layouts.

We offer training to individuals and groups, and our trainings can be customised to your requirements.

Our typical training consists of 10 modules:

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Architectural/Interior Design Modeling
Module 3: Library Management
Module 4: Context Design
Module 5: Viewports
Module 6: Documentation
Module 7: Custom Design
Module 8: Enhancements
Module 9: Saving & Publishing
Module 10: Wrapping Up

Click here for the complete course structure. 

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Archicad Training Program
Starting From 25th February 2021.