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Archicad Training

Archicad BIM Implementation

There are 3 stages of learning – Knowing, Playing and Exploiting. As far as technology is concern, one thing is very certain – if you don’t learn to Exploit the technology at hand, the technology will exploit you for sure.

We started our operation as Archicad Training Centre in India in the year 2008 at our Ahmedabad office. It’s been more than a decade since we are training students and professionals pan India. Training is something we always enjoy doing.

DIMENSION PLUS has a team of architects focused on training. We update our training modules every 6 months in accordance of GRAPHISOFT training standards and materials. Our certified BIM Managers are always getting trained themselves about various training topics related to Archicad. We have invested and continually investing heavily in our team’s training so that you get an Archicad Training which is of International Standards.

The current COVID situation gave us an opportunity to explore online training options and technology. We have successfully started our online training with our own LMS tools. Under the name of discoverBIM, we have started giving FREE training to Students of Architecture and Interior Designing institutes.

We aim to bridge the gap of demand and supply for BIM skilled professionals for thE AEC Industry.