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Archicad Project Audit

Audit of your BIM Process

Are you and your team feeling your projects have slowed down? Are your File Sizes increasing beyond control? Are you seeing too many missing or duplicated library elements in your file? Are your consultants complaining missing data in IFC?

If all the above (or at leas one) answers are YES, its time for you to get your Archicad Project Audit done.

When you hire DIMENSION PLUS Project Auditor, your project will be checked against 200+ points and you will be provided with a comprehensive report for further action.

Archicad Project Audit helps you evaluate your current project and BIM Processes, the audit is aimed at helping your firm “unearth” hidden problems and highlight the areas which can be improved. 

For a Small fee, our Auditor will help you get remedies for the faulty practices. Over the span of 2 weeks, the Auditor will work with your firm and highlight the improvements your process and BIM Workflow can have.

Any projects can undergo an audit, but keep in mind the best results are delivered when the submitted project represents a typical size and type for your firm and incorporates work from multiple team members.

A perfect time to obtain an audit is when firm productivity slows; the firm regroups, before employee development sessions, or when new hires come on board.

When you receive your completed project audit, a consultant will review the results with you and walk through the evaluations noted on a three-point system with an overall assessment from the following detailed categories:

  • Library Management
  • Project Management
  • Attribute Management
  • Project Settings
  • Project Preferences
  • Project Structure
  • External Content