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We are looking for a Graphic Designer for our Mumbai Office who can tell us how to update and make this poster interesting.

Graphic Designer at DIMENSION PLUS

If you are

1. Optimistic
2. Friendly
3. Passionate
4. Creative
5. Self Disciplined

If you can

1. Be Punctual
2. Think
3. Express your ideas
4. Debate with your colleagues
5. Bring out crazy ideas
6. And carry them to execution
7. Understand the value of doing things on time
8. Party with your colleagues

You will be

1. Designing Still Graphics which will be seen by Creative individuals
2. Creating and Editing Short videos
3. Designing UI for Web and Mobile environments
4. Implementing your and your colleagues’ ideas Quickly
5. Expressive and Pragmatic while working
6. Faithful and Professional to company and yourself
7. Not giving lame excuses
8. Enjoying your work at DIMENSION PLUS
9. Respecting TIME.

We are

1. Passionate about our work
2. Friendly in nature
3. Looking for Team Member and not “Employee”
4. Doing this since 2008
5. Always looking for Growth and Challenges
6. Team Players and not enjoying WFH at all
If you can relate to above description, feel free to mail at the Given email ID.
We would be very happy if you can share a link to look at your work, please don’t attach to email.