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Software for Architects and Interior Designers Updating not just Every year but throughout the Year

Archicad Keeps Getting Better

Are you being listened to by software companies ? Is your BIM software really updating ?
Try Archicad, a BIM Software for Architects and Interior Designers that is Updating throughout the year. 

We are known for considering our users needs and get better with every release, starting from 2020 we have decided to release updates even within version cycles.

You can also upgrade your old versions of Archicad at a special price and get benefits of Perpetual BIM Software License.

Archicad Keeps Getting Better 

Create better buildings with Archicad thanks to a seamless, transparent, integrated workflow between architects and engineers that reduces risk, increases trust, and improves quality thanks to GRAPHISOFT’s continuous improvement release not just every year but throughout the year.

GRAPHISOFT, the leading Building Information Modelling (BIM) software solution for Architects & Interior Designers, recently released Archicad 24 Update 2, responding to actual user needs and setting new market trends with significant improvements and adding new capabilities enhancing the Integrated Design workflow and Issue Management features introduced with Archicad 24.  This update aligns with GRAPHISOFT’s new approach to releasing continuous quality and feature improvements not just every year but throughout the year within version cycles, making viable and easy for existing users to upgrade and benefit from the latest capabilities right away — even mid-project.

GRAPHISOFT revolutionised Building Information Modelling in July with the launch of award-winning Archicad 24, which unites architects and engineers in a shared BIMcloud environment to deliver Integrated Design.  The shared model and team-oriented workflows increase trust among team members, while reducing model duplication and redundant work between architects and structural engineers.

We are committed to serving customer needs and market trends quickly by releasing continuous improvements to our software as they’re ready. We continue enhancing the powerful capabilities introduced with Archicad 24, such as extending the Integrated Design workflow, which now provides automatic mapping of manufactured steel profiles.  We’re also acting quickly to take advantage of the recently released macOS 11 Big Sur. The goal is to continuously add value with each release, which our users greatly appreciate.

Ákos Pfemeter,

Vice President, Product Success, GRAPHISOFT

BIM Software for Architects in India. Archicad is available as Perpetual License as well.

“Every update makes Archicad more powerful and user-centric. GRAPHISOFT is constantly making Archicad more beneficial for architects, we feel our needs are heard everyday – every time.” Said Khozema Chitalwala, Principal at Designers Group.

What’s new in Archicad ?

Issue Management:
Review your project’s issue history faster and highlight changes thanks to enhanced issue management and sorting with custom defined type tags that also work with BCF.

Model Compare:
Assign openings to issues based on more accurate change detection.  Model Compare recognizes modified openings.

MEP Modeler:
Pre-defined bend radius and improved routing controls lead to a faster, more intuitive MEP routing workflow.

Structural Analytical Model:
Better structural alignment thanks to enhanced material mapping, automatic profile mapping, and ready-to-use translators that result in a more intuitive analytical model exchange and improved bi-directional workflow.

Structural Analysis Format:
Enjoy a fully integrated design workflow based on OPEN BIM thanks to Model Compare’s compatibility with IFC Structural Analytical Models.

Save time and reduce errors thanks to smooth connections with third-party apps, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient workflows.

  • Datasmith Exporter for Archicad 24:

    Create custom, interactive 3D solutions in Unreal Engine 4 on both Windows and macOS.

  • Solibri Connection for Archicad 24:

    Save time with instant quality control of projects without needing to export or import the model.  Sort and track issues thanks to full compatibility with Archicad 24’s new Issue Manager.

  • RFA and RVT Geometry Exchange for Archicad 24:

    Access a wide range of manufacturers’ content in your project quickly and easily thanks to direct exchange with Revit.  Collaborate with stakeholders exchanging geometry in RVT format.

  • IFC Model Exchange with Archicad for Revit 2021:

    Enjoy smoother collaboration with Revit users thanks to improved IFC export and import.


Headed by Architects, empowering Architects, Interior Designers and Urban Planners with technology & support to design stress-free. We believe technology should help professionals grow their profits. It is happening with other professionals, now it’s time for AEC Industry.

DIMENSION PLUS started in 2008 as India’s first Authorised Archicad Training Centre and today we distribute Archicad in India West and South. We started our journey, much before Architects & Interior Designers started even thinking about BIM Software in India.


GRAPHISOFT® empowers teams to create great architecture, through award-winning software solutions, learning programs, and professional services for the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Archicad®, the architects’ BIM software of choice, offers a complete end-to-end design and documentation workflow for architectural and integrated architectural and engineering practices of any size. BIMx®, the most popular mobile and web BIM app, extends the BIM experience to include all stakeholders in the building design, delivery, and operations lifecycle. BIMcloud®, the AEC industry’s first and most advanced cloud-based team collaboration solution, makes real-time collaboration possible across the globe regardless of the size of the project and the speed or quality of the team members’ network connection. GRAPHISOFT is part of the Nemetschek Group. To learn more visit www.graphisoft.com

Check out the features and improvements in Archicad of the given updates!