“The key to wisdom is this – constant and frequent questioning, for by doubting we are led to question, by questioning we arrive at the truth.” – Peter Abelard
As an outcome of our 10 years of experience with AEC and BIM Industry we have listed couple of Questions asked by professionals in order to reach BIM Enlightenment.

Frequently Asked Questions

BIM is acronym for Building Information Model/Modelling. Building Information Modelling is a Virtual Prototype of a Built Form.

Building Information Modelling is Virtual Prototype of your Built Form which includes all the details about the Building including Drawings, Details, 3D Views, Bill of Quantities, Materials Used etc in a single file. That is the reason it was known as Virtual Building technology earlier.

BIM, covers entire life cycle of a building. It starts with Design phase where the primary purpose is to predict and prevent design errors and clashes with other services, during construction phase it helps with latest and updated documentation on delivered directly on construction site (see BIMx)

GRAPHISOFT started BIM Revolution with ARCHICAD, way back in 1984. The technology was known as Virtual Building back then. Today GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD is one of the industry leading and finest Architectural/Interior Designing BIM software with more than 1,00,000 users across the world.

ARCHICAD is used in India since last 18 years and there are numerous Architectural/Interior Designing Firm using ARCHICAD across India couple of them are prestigious award winning design firms. Apart from these firms there are BIM Service Provider companies in India working on offshore projects on ARCHICAD. We also have an event management company using ARCHICAD for Designing and Sharing Event Experiences with their clients. There are Architects who also use ARCHICAD for their office stationary and business card designs apart from building design and documentation.

At, DIMENSION PLUS, we run an implementation program and not just sell software. We have experience of Implementing BIM for hardcore #dumbcad user firms and they are happily using ARCHICAD today. This is a rumour spread around by the few agencies providing “BIM Implementation” Services for an obvious reason we all can understand. The Indian AEC market has more Myths about BIM than Truths.

Our onsite training for Design Firms takes 70-90 hours including Audit and Implementation Consultation. Our in-house training for professionals & students would take 50-60 hours which doesn’t include Template.

Artlantis is fastest stand alone rendering application designed by Abvent, France. It is a rendering application that takes files from ARCHICAD, Sketch Up, Revit , CAD and other 3D application. Rendering in Artlantis has a preview window which gives realtime preview of the final rendering. The settings in Artlantis resembles to DSLR camera Settings.

DIMENSION PLUS is working with a mission to provide easy to use and appropriate BIM software for AEC industry professionals. however, currently we are focusing on Architecture and dealing with ARCHICAD as our primary BIM tool. We are also providing other GRAPHISOFT products such as BIM Cloud and ARCHICAD MEP Modeler. On presentation side we are providing Artlantis. We only deal in the software that are open to other applications and not part of any monopolised campaign. Also, all the products that we sell/support are used/tested by us beforehand, we believe in having in-house support team for every product that we sell.

GRAPHISOFT’s BIMcloud® is a full-fledged BIM collaboration platform allowing teams of any size to collaborate on native BIM data in real-time. BIMCloud is a product by GRAPHISOFT which allows users to connect to same project across the globe and work on it simultaneously. The other benefit of BIMCloud is the live link it shares with BIMx file, which can help communication and design changes once the project is in Construction phase.

ARCHICAD MEP Modeller is an add on developed by GRAPHISOFT that helps for modelling Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing details within ARCHICAD work environment. There is no need to spend for entire so-called MEP versions of a software if you just want to model and do clash detection.